Not working on iPhone.
  • 1. Make sure their phone works with Popl: Compatible Devices & The phone model you have does not matter when sharing!

  • 2. Make sure to touch your Popl to the very top of the back of their phone. On iPhones, the sweet spot for reading a Popl is on the very top of the back of the device. See video below

  • 3. A Popl CANNOT be read when:

    - their phone is in airplane mode

    - their device flashlight is on

    - their phone screen is off

    - their camera is open

  • 4. Watch the video below to see the best technique for popping to compatible iPhones!

Not working on Android.
  • 1. Make sure their phone works with Popl: Compatible Devices The phone model you have does not matter when sharing!

  • 2. Make sure to touch your Popl to the very center of the back of their phone. For Androids, the sweet spot for reading a Popl is in the center of the back of the device.

  • 3. Make sure NFC is turned on in their phone settings If their phone is on the compatible devices list and is still not reading your Popl, go to their phone settings and search for NFC. Make sure that "NFC" is turned on!

How to pop your info to an older iPhone [ 7, 8, X ]

To pop to an iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or iPhone X, you must use the NFC reader

in their control center! See the image below for how to activate this:

My Popl device is sending me notification constantly

Use the diagram below as a guide to where you should

place your Popl to avoid constant notifications!

When I share my profile it shows "profile not found"

If your Popl device or QR code goes to a "Profile not found" page that means it has not been activated correctly.

To fix this /

  • 1. Open your Popl app
    2. Log out and back in again
    3. Once logged back in, go to settings, then tap "Activate a Popl Device". Pick the Popl product you are activating, then follow all the steps until a success message appears!

  • Please send an email to if you have further questions or issues.

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Does the other person need a popl or an app to recieve my info?

No! The other person does not need a Popl or app to receive your Popl profile. That's the beauty of Popl.

If their phone is on this list of compatible devices you can pop to their phone. If it is not, just use your Popl QR code on your profile to share!

Do I need to pay a monthly fee to use Popl?

Popl does NOT require a monthly fee once purchased!

We do have Popl Pro which unlocks some additional business features but going Pro is 100% optional.

For more information about Popl Pro, Tap Here!!

Can I have multiple Popl devices linked to 1 account?

Yes you can! With the Popl app, you can activate as many Popls as you want with the same account. Just log into the account you want to activate your Popl with and tap "Activate Popl Device" in settings!

We've had users put Popls on their laptop, in their cars, in their offices, etc.

Can I order custom Popl devices?

Absolutely! Email us at to start a conversation with us!

What cases can Popl stick to?

Popl sticks nicely to all case materials except leather and some silicone. For these types of cases, we recommend either sticking the Popl underneath your case (yes Popl works through most cases!) or buying a Popl keychain instead.

For all other cases including placing directly on the phone, Popl is good to go!


Will my Popl device work under my phone case?

Yes! Popls will work through 99.9% of phone cases, including ones that hold credit cards. The only exception would be if your case has a layer of metal.

Which smartphones can I pop my Digital Business card to?

For iPhones, the iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, SE and all future iPhones are compatible with the pop feature of Popl.

When reading from the Popl app, iPhone 7 and newer are compatible with Popl! Just use the "Read a Popl" function in the main menu.

Virtually all Android Smartphones are compatible with the pop feature of Popl. However, please visit our compatible devices page to ensure that your smartphone is on the list.

How do I share with non Compatible phones?

iPhones as old as the iPhone 5S and almost all Androids can use their camera to scan your Popl QR code. Your Popl QR code can be found by tapping the QR code button on the top right of your profile. You can even add your Popl Card to your Apple Wallet for easy access!

You can also share your profile via text, airdrop, email or any social network by sharing the link to your Popl profile.

Will my Popl device interfere with my wireless charger?

As long as your Popl phone tag is placed away from the charging area of your phone (an iPhone's MagSafe ring for example), wireless charging should not have any effect on the device. But if a Popl phone tag is placed within the charging area or close enough to it, the Popl phone tag may stop working.

We recommend placing your Popl phone tag on the back of your phone as far away from your wireless charger as possible to avoid this!

How to turn NFC on for an Android?

Some Android phones have NFC turned off by default!

If your Android is not reading Popls, go to your phone settings and search for "NFC". Then make sure you have this turned on!